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Belgian National and Regional Parliaments

Requirements Analysis  for an common access control system
to the assemblies

Belgium is a federal country at the core of the European Community in which people from several cultures (mainly Flemish/Dutch-speaking, Walloon/French speaking, and German) are working together in the mutual respect of their cultural diiferences. Seven parliament assemblies rule the country, to cope with all those differences.  Five of those assemblies decided to investigate the opportunity to make their access control system more interoperable.
Objectiver has been used to elicit and formalize the requirements for an integrated access control system for the five assemblies.


  • Each house of parliament had its own access control system
  • Members of an assembly need often to meet members of other assemblies; they needed to comply with as many access procedures (badges, ...) as they are houses of parliament. Same situation for people working for those assemblies and for journalists.
  • Any status change of the access rights of a beneficiary in one assembly was not automatically broadcasted to the other ones which could use this information to update (or not) their own systems
  • Eaxh assembly was and must continue to behave in an autonomous way.

Service provided

  • Interviews of all the involved stakeholders
  • Requirements modelling consolidating all the viewpoints
  • Derivation of a high-level UML model (use cases, domain classes, user interface mock-up, interaction diagrams) compliant with the requirements
  • Participation to the elaboration of the low-level UML model (component architecture, deployment architecture, ...)
  • Work achieved in cooperation with Cetic and NSI

Added Value

  • Expertise en Requirmeents Engineering and UML modelling
  • Smooth transition from the requirements model to the UML model, the former motivating the latter and playing the role of a UML modelling helper
  • Ability to conciliate and reconciliate several viewpoints
  • Provision of information sufficiently detailed to enable the application of a cost evaluation method on the requirements to estimate the cost of a potential project development

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