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Belgian French-speaking Community Ministry
for Cultural and Healthcare Matters

Requirements Document for a Grant Management System

One of the main business activities of the Ministry for cultural and healthcare matters is to analyze grant requests issued by cultural or healthcare operators. Conditions to be fulfilled by the operators to be qualified for a grant are described in decrees and must be checked by the administration before the grant may be approved by the Auhtorities. Once approved, the administration is responsible for publishing a granting decree and to follow the beneficiaries in order to verify that the grant is correctly and fully used by the beneficiary organizations.
Objectiver has been used to elicit, formalize and document the requirements for a system that supports the management of grant requests and allocated grant follow-ups. 


  • Each department had its own legislation and processes to analyze and track grant cases.
  • Grant management was mainly paper-based
  • Non dedicated tools were generally used to manage grant cases such as word processors and spreadsheets
  • Cross-checking of information between departments to detect redundant grant requests were uneasy
  • Tracking the activity of each department (like establishing forecasts, budgets, budget consumption, ...) were made in an ad hoc way

Service provided

  • Coaching of the IT team analysts from Etnic working for the Ministry 
  • Requirements eliciation from interview minutes and existing documentation, requirements modelling and documentation
  • Preparation of the technical evaluation spreadsheet that each tender is required to fulfill to position his solution according to the set of published requirements

Added Value

  • Involvement of all stakeholders including the future users of the application from the very beginning of the project
  • Coaching avoiding that the analysts spend too much time to becomre acquainetd with the method and the tool
  • Production of a model that consolidates and unifies the various processes in force and allows one to separate shared and specialized matters
  • Model ready for reuse: clear separation between descriptions fully dedicated to the case and descriptions that could be reused from requirements documents to requirements documents
  • Evaluation grid allowing a clear and fair evaluation of tenders based on their own evaluation and being a good tool to negotiate with the tenders.

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