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Educational standard License

This license may only be used for teaching purposes in student classes. The license covers the use of the tool by the teacher and his/her students with following restrictions :
  • The students must be registered as full-time students to a university or a school,
  • The license is valid on the licensee's education network,
  • Use of the software product is restricted to demonstrations, students exercices, and Master theses.
The education-standard license is free of charge. It provides the following services during one year :
  • Use of Objectiver with a maximum number of concepts limited to 250* per model,
  • Support and access to the latest releases of the software product.
At the end of each yearly period, you will have to renew the licenses, free of charge, in order to continue using the tool and benefiting from new releases.

Additionally, we ask our licensees to produce a short yearly report describing how the tool has been used and proposing suggestions for improvements. A template is provided to help producing this report.

Educational  Standard License

  • time limited (1 year), renewable for free
  • max number of concepts : 250*
  • network license
  • no technical support assistance
  • access to the latest releases of the software product for one year

free of charge

no  maintenance
All features of the tool (Standard edition) are available and fully functional.

* : as a comparison point, the tutorial which comes with Objectiver and which illustrates all concepts types contains about 150 concepts.

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