Organization : Consortium of European companies working in aeronautics
Country : EU
Context : SAFEE a 6th FP european project aiming at defining the next generation of security system embedded in the European civil aircraft. Those systems aim to manage or support crisis situations for security reasons (unruly passengers, hijacking situations, electromagnetic attacks, etc.). About thirty companies belonging at 13 countries (CEE + Israël for anti-terrorrist aspects) joined in the project: British Aerospace, Airbus, Onera, NLR, Thalès, EADS, Sagem, …
Contribution : Elaboration of the requirements document first for the core of SAFEE, and then for the whole project; verification that the implementation conforms with the requirements.


Company : National Air Traffic Services
Country : United Kingdom
Context : NATS is the British operator for Air Traffic Control (ATC). All ATC are facing increase of the air traffic. There is therefore a need to increase their capacity of air traffic management. As many companies they are also required to decrease their development and running costs. Those improvements must however not compromise safety of air transportation. In this context, NATS has planned to computerize the "paper flight strips". These strips record the main characteristics of controlled flights and the annotations made by the controller for monitoring the airspace and guiding the aircraft.
Contribution : pilot project showing how user and technical needs can be modelled.
Company : Alcatel/Etca
Country : Belgium
Context : Test benches for the Ariane space rocket.
Contribution : Support to a goal-oriented modelling of a new generation of test benches. Production of reports automatically generated from the model, conformant to the Alcatel standard and easily modifiable.

Company : Eurocontrol
Country : EU
Context : Eurocontrol is looking for leading-edge methodologies and tools able to help them better manage the first phases of projects related to air traffic control (ATC) and, in particular, those that are 'safety critical'.
Contribution : The project aims at evaluating the KAOS/objectiver methodology and at applying it for studying the lack of interaction between two control systems: STCA used by the controllers for detecting imminent air traffic conflicts and TCAS, which is embedded in the aircraft and warns the pilot about a potential imminent collision. The following products have been achieved: a semi-formal and formal model allowing one to analyze the global system, to prove properties, and to detect obstacles or boundary cases preventing goals from being achieved. The latter has been elaborated by using the FAUST toolkit on top of Objectiver.

Project realised with CETIC.

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