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Objectiver editions

Objectiver V3  is provided as a comprehensive requirements engineering solution covering needs of analysts at different levels of complexity. Three editions are available to meet your specific needs.

  • Standard edition. The Standard Edition is targeted to small- and medium-scale requirements engineering projects involving a single analyst and a few stakeholders.
  • Professional edition. The Professional Edition is targeted to medium-scale requirements engineering projects involving a single analyst and many stakeholders. The Professional Edition adds productivity, quality control and reusability to the Standard Edition.
  • Review edition. This companion Objectiver edition is dedicated to reviewing activites. The cost-effective review edition is targeted to stakeholders to support their reviewing efforts. With this edition they can browse through the model and annotate it without modifying its content otherwise. Annotations can later be imported in the original model using the Professional Edition.

Feature matrix

The following matrix compares the functionalities that are available in each version. In the following tables, cells with a colored background indicate a new feature in Objectiver V3.

Objectiver environment

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Contextual pop-up menu
Cut / Copy / Paste
Comprehensive Tool Tips
Drag and Drop support (*)
Back and Forward navigation
Multiple Undo/Redo
(*) not for Open Office documents



Functionality Standard Professional Review
Supports standard KAOS goal-oriented modelling langauge (Goals, Objects, Responsibilities, Agents, Operations, etc)  


Functionality Standard Professional Review
Goal, Object, Responsibility, Operational models  
Specific palette to each model type  
Notes on all diagrams linkable to model elements  
Hypertext links  
Search tool supporting regular expressions  
Snap to grid  
Automatic layout strategies  


Functionality Standard Professional Review
Basic text edition (incl. elementary text styles)  
Elicitation of model elements directly in text document  
Drag and drop of references to model element  
Reference names automatically updated  
Hypertext links  
Search tool supporting regular expressions  
Edition & display of OpenOffice Writer documents (1)    
Conversion  from text documents to OO Wrtiter documents    
Conversion from OO Writer documents to text documents (2)    
(1) Models containing Open Office documents cannot be opened with the standard and review editions.
(2) with possible loss of formatting information

Model checking

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Model syntax checked in real time  
Checks of model quality and completeness    
Inline edition of model elements violating checks    

Model reuse

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Package export    
Package import    

Model interoperability

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Save Model in the Eclipse/EMF XMI format (3)    
Load Model from  Eclipse/EMF XMI formatted files    
EMF connector    • (4)  
OMG OQL compliant Query Tool    • (4)  
(3) Text, OO documents, notes, pictures, and review comments are not saved
(4) Requires a Professional license with advanced features. Ask for this feature to info@objectiver.com

Model browsing

Package view

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Display of model elements in user-defiend, tree-structured packages
Filering of model elements by model type
Locate model elements from a document by a single click
Locate model elemnts by name (auto-completion)

Model view

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Display of model elements according to their type


Functionality Standard Professional Review
Access to model element neighbourhood
Document cross-reference navigation

Reporting and publishing

Manual report editing

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Quick reporting by dragging & dropping existing diagrams and texts  

Automated report generation

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Issue list    
Package report    
Diagram/Document dependency    
Generation wizard for IEEE-830 compliant requirements documents    

HTML publishing

Functionality Standard Professional Review
One click HTML publishing  
Diagrams, texts and concept details published  
Open Office Writer documents published    
Zoomable and clickable diagram  
Text with hyperlink  
Open Office Writer documents with hyperlinks    
Tool tip display of definition and issue attributes  
Optional introduction text and diagram  

Report publishing

Functionality Standard Professional Review
RTF output  
ODF output (.odt)    
Hyperlinks in document  


Analyst's tasks

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Review file generation    
Review file importation    
Annotation follow-up    

Stakeholder's tasks

Functionality Standard Professional Review
Review file load and save (5)    
Diagram annotations    
(5) Review models containing Open Office documents cannot yet be loaded with the review edition. They must be converted into text documents before the review file generation.

Privacy Policy
Objectiver a trademark of Respect-IT sa


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