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Commercial policy

Do pay only when you are using Objectiver.

How many software applications are sleeping deeply shoved into your hard disks or your drawers?
How many software applications did you buy and only use from time to time? But still paying maintenance fees, year after year, and perhapsbeing even unaware of it!!!
You are not yet sure that this software can really meet your needs and you would like to pay a little just to see?
You would like to preserve your freedom and react swiftly when a competitor still to come  releases some new decisive feature?

The commercial scheme we propose allows you to fulfil all those situations.

You choose (1) the Objectiver edition which fits your needs the best, and, (2)  the term during which you want to use it. You pay a usage fee only for this term (with a minimum of three months). Then you decide to extend the term, renew it, wait for a new project: it's entirely up to you to decide. As long as you do not use the software any more, it's free of charge!

Is Objectiver expensive?

Let us consider a requirements analysis estimated to last three months. On the one hand, draw an inventory of all the resources inside your organisation that would be involved in your project: yourrself, other business analysts, people they need to meet, etc. On the other hand, estimate how expensive a bad requirements document would be for your organisation. Add both contributions and ask yourself how much you are ready to pay for a method and a tool which can seriously limit those costs and risks. Then compare with our price lists and you will see it's clear-cut!

To be informed on our price conditions, please fill in the form below.

Special conditions are also granted for education and research (see below).

Software use conditions

Licences are granted per user. Each user may install the software on three computers as long as only one execution of the software is performed at the time.

Special Offer For freeone 3-months access to the Objectiver Virtual Academy per ObjectiverPro V3 license ordered by June 30th, 2013  .

Price list

To receive our price list, fill in this form or contact our sales team by email.

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Research and education licenses

educational and research editions


To know more about our Educational and research insitutions conditions please click here

Privacy Policy
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