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Foreword from Robert Darimont, PhD, CEO of Respect-IT

Dear Requirements Engineer

You already know that Objectiver is a tool designed by requirements engineers specifically for requirements engineers as you are. Objectiver 2.* indeed provides you with a rigorous methodology & tool helping you build correct and complete requirements documents. Objectiver v3.0 continues in a similar vein by capitalizing on this main strength.

What’s new in version 3.0?  The main new feature brought by v3.0 is to have seamlessly integrated Objectiver with OpenOffice.org Writer, the word processing tool of the Open Office suite. Everywhere you used the simple Objectiver text editor in v2.*, you can also use OpenOffice.org Writer in v3.0 so that you can, for instance, insert pictures, tables, etc. in diagram explanations directly from inside Objectiver or you can use advanced features like the Open Office spelling checker or the rich PDF generator.

As a professional in Requirements Engineering, you know the importance of the quality of requirements document contents but also of the quality of requirements document presentation. Perhaps some of you asked themselves the following question in the past:

  • do I just need a classical word processing tool (MS Word, Oracle Open Office Writer) with rich word processing capabilities but without methodological tool support to write the set of correct and complete requirements for my problem?
  • or do I need Objectiver that provides a powerful and systematic approach for building the set of correct and complete requirements but with relatively poor embedded word processing capabilities?

With the integration of OpenOffice.org Writer into Objectiver, I feel this question will be completely outdated: by adopting Objectiver v3.0 you not only definitely increase the quality of your requirements document contents but also you gain more power and freedom in the way you will present it!

I am sure you will enjoy this new version a lot!

Robert Darimont, PhD
CEO Respect-IT

PS: Another good news for Linux aficionados: V3.0 will be available not only on Windows but also on Linux platforms!


  • Intended audience. Requirements engineers. 
    • If you are already a user of Objectiver: you will discover how to use OpenOffice.org Writer with Objectiver.
    •  If you are not yet a user of Objectiver: the demo illustrates a complete cycle of use of the tool from requirements elicitation to the production of a requirements document.
  • Technical requirements. The demo requires Adobe Flash Player 10 or later and a Web browser that supports it. 
  •  Usage
    • Just click the demo link hereafter to start the demo in your default Web browser.
    • Adjust the zooming rate in your browser to see the entire Objectiver window (typically 75%).
    •  Use the flash player buttons and slider to pause, stop, to go forward and backward in order to see the demo at your own pace
  • Duration: 10 to 15 minutes
  •  Link: demo 

Need for more information?

Interested in more information on v3.0? Please send us an e-mail at sales@objectiver.com

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