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GAN Eurocourtage

Objectiver used to produce customer requirements

 Respect-IT helps GAN Eurocourtage to set up a requirements elicitation process for all business cases.  For more than 6 years, Objectiver has been used to produce all requirements documents of the company.


  • GAN is one of the major insurance companies in France. The Eurocourtage branch focuses on the business with the insurance brokers.
  • Most of the core business software is developed  inside the company by the IT department. 
  • The company has identified the key role that business analysts have to play to understand business needs and translate them in customer requirements. A team of about 15  analysts has been set up to help the business departments and the IT department to understand each other. 
  • The elicitation processes were  informal and the results for analyses were too dependent on the skills and experience of the analysts. The only tool used to produce requirements document was MS Office.

Service provided

  • Training and coaching of the business analysts team to become acquainted with the methodology and the tool.
  • Objectiver is used to elicit, analyse the customer requirements and produce a requirements document which is validated by the business. Then the requirements document is passed to the IT department which  analyzes the gap between customer requirements and what the IT systems provide in order to produce product requirements and evaluate the development cost.
  • The requirements are also exported from Objectiver to populate their quality management software for elaborating the acceptance tests.

Added Value

  • Standardization of the elicitation process, the analysis process and the production of requirements documents
  • Improvement of the quality of requirements documents
  • The most sceptical people from the business community about the methodology became the best advocates of  it afterwards
  • Progressive scaling-up starting from a pilot projet  led in a "co-sourcing" mode coupling one expert of the methodology and one experimented business analyst. Then, progressive enlargement  to the whole team.

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