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Vers l'avenir

Building requirements for a future ERP

Respect-IT has built up a complex requirement specification for a ERP. The targeted systems should be able to cover all the commercial follow-ups process needs of the "Vers l'avenir" press group. Objectiver helped to tackle this problem, with a result of a high quality software requirements specification.


  • "Vers l'avenir" is a major belgian press group.
  • "Vers l'avenir" wish to build a new proprietary sales supporting systems

Service provided

  • Requirements analysis leading to a Software Requirements Document
  • RFP
  • Gap Analysis to compare ERP package versus custom development
  • Support for ERP package selection
  • Support  for the validation of the provided solution against the defined requirements

Added Value

  • High quality Request for Proposal
  • Minimal Interactions with suppliers resulting to a effecient selection process,
  • Selection of the best price/performance solution based on waht-if scenarii

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